Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three Days to Go!!! Aauuuggh!

We are planning on heading out of town Wednesday morning, May 7, departing from of course Mile Zero at the end of Douglas Street downtown. Anybody who wants to see three antsy cyclists off can come down there at 8am to take a picture of us in front of the Terry Fox statue (or perhaps dipping our wheels in the ocean?).

Currently we're all the in the "last-minute-packing-decisions" stage - I spent about half an hour today figuring out which of two camp mugs to pack (the plastic one won). At the beginning of a trip, everybody agonizes over every extra gram of weight, whereas at the end of the trip everybody's probably carrying 5kg of junk, garbage, interesting stuff they've picked up off the side of the road, souvenir rubbish, etc etc etc (at the end of our BC trip Mike had about 15kg of railroad spikes, plates, etc in his front panniers).

For a (somewhat) related photo: the picture shows my bike (Sapphire) in France all loaded up with some unconventional luggage: a baguette.

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