Tuesday, September 2, 2008

(Mark) My photos

Hey all, so I'm back in Victoria, it sure is nice to be able to take a shower in my own bathroom again! I have sorted my photos and put them online, you can see them here:


They are organized by province and I believe the albums are arranged in reverse chronological order (the first, BC, is at the bottom). I thought about "geotagging" them - putting together a google map with the photos linked to their locations - but that is way too much work and for most of the photos it is described in the captions (or obvious, or irrelevant) where they are. If you really want to know exactly where a particular photo was taken, email me and let me know!

Mary will have her photos online soon, she will have about 10 times as many as me, and they'll be better pictures, so enjoy those too (I often didn't take a photo of something Mary also had a photo of, so hopefully we didn't cover too much common ground). I put captions and cleaned them up a bit too, so if you saw them at the BBQ last night you have to go have another look!

And finally, this is a selection of my photos, so if you (really) want to see all of them I can show them to you, but so as not to bore you too much I culled them for the web.