Sunday, May 4, 2008

Email list!

Welcome to the 21st century everybody - we have an email list set up so that whenever we post to the blog, you get the post emailed straight to your door. No fuss, no muss with RSS (though if you are tech-savvy of course you can do it with an RSS feed). ... and this post is the test of that, I've added everybody who was interested to the email list and hopefully you're all getting this post now as an email.
Just a note: if you want to comment on the blog post, don't reply to this email (as we won't see it): you have to go to the blog page (at and click the link below the blog post. That way we and everyone who looks at the blog will be able to see it.
If you want to be on the email list and aren't yet, email me, Mary or Mike and we'll add you.

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