Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Christina Lake

Hi all, today we did a fairly tame 80km to Christina Lake, mostly in a light rain (it's raining harder now, apparently today is the second day of rain they've had in a month). Everyone we talk to agrees the weather has sucked royally this spring. Today we came from Midway through Greenwood - a very nice heritage town - over the Eholt Summit (1100m, but a very mellow climb up to it) and descended into Grand Forks. After tea we carried on to the campground here. Tomorrow we go up our second-last big pass in BC - the Blueberry Paulson summit towards Trail. There may well be snow at the top!

My knee is bothering me a little bit more today than usual, hopefully in three days once we're over the last of the big passes it will recover - no more big passes, at least until Ontario... (the Crowsnest Pass out of BC is not a big steep one).

Mary is heading off into town to shop and see if there is a decent pizza place for dinner - we don't much feel like cooking in the rain, though we have a very nice tarp setup in camp here. Mike is busily setting up camp while I blog this in the picnic shelter.

'till next time, Mark

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Unknown said...

Excellent updates! Nice to hear that you are moving along. Hopefully you can avoid snow. Rain is unavoidable. Don't forget to do a brewery tour in Creston!

Remember...hmmmm beer!