Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Rainy Day in the Similkameen

Today is Sunday,May 1 and we are in Hedley at the Hitching Post having an second breakfast. Two days ago we made it over the Allison Pass in Manning Park. What a hump that was!! It took us 7.5 hours to go 63 kms -- and we guerilla camped at the Cold Spring campground just past the summit.

Highlights so far: A great tail wind every day so far;
Several bear sightings; Dave's Dinner at the East Gate to Manning Park;
Bromley Rock Provincial Park; two Aussies (Vikki and Greg) heading to Toronto; and Al, heading to Burlington (we have been doing a bit of riding with Al when our times overlap).

Today we are trying for Osoyoos -- but might not get there -- we'll see how kind the road is to us all. The Similkameen valley is alive with birds and deer, and the cycling is fairly easy (after Allison EVERYTHING is easy!).

More later.


Unknown said...

Good to get an update. Hedley rocks!

Anonymous said...

All of us at Shawnigan Lake (Joanna/Mum, Robert/Dad, Cathy and Jon) are glad to see an update of your progress. Here's to happy and easy cycling today!

Jan Brown and Alan MacLeod said...

Glad you are over the "hump" of Allison Pass and building up the muscles for the next big climb. I love the Osoyoss desert, and know you will too. Hi from us both.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Gemma and her big people! Glad to hear you are enjoying the ride. We are sure you are getting in great shape. Gemma keeps asking for more new pictures. Happy camping!

Linda said...

Looking forward to this adventure as it unfolds. Thank you for sharing with those of us sitting here watching for updates :)
All the best!