Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28 (Day 22?) - 38km to Shaunavon

Today we spent the morning in Eastend - slept in, then visited the T. Rex Discovery Centre, which is very good, except that I was kind of hoping there would be a full-sized t-rex skeleton to see, which there isn't. But a great tour and very nice centre on the hillside overlooking Eastend. After lunch at Jack's we headed out of town - I saw a fox crossing the road very close to us just outside of Eastend - we were out on the empty prairie again for a few hours to bring us into Shaunavon, so we'll camp here (as the next camping is 50km down the road). Good news - the winds have shifted to the south, and tomorrow will be north-westerlies!


Eastend was a wonderful town, very small and extremely friendly. Everyone in town knew we were visitors, and most recognized us as "the bikers coming down the hill south of town", even when they didn't see us with our bikes. If you do get to Eastend, take advantage of both the T.Rex Discovery Centre and the town museum. The museum is run by some of the most helpful and friendly staff around, and it is simply stuffed with interesting artifacts, photos, and historic structures.

A closing word about spring on the praries (as we are experiencing it): expect the unexpected! Last night it got so cold that that ice formed on the inside of the tent fly. When I got up at 5:00 am and opened the tent, ice tinkled down into my boots. We have spent the last few days bundled up. But, tomorrow we expect to rocket up to 22 degrees. I'll believe it when I feel it!

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