Monday, May 5, 2008

The Test-Pack and Ride

Monday, May 05, 2008
We did a test pack today and took the steeds out for a spin. The unofficial weights:
Mike's Antler: approx 97 lbs
Mary's Miyata: approx 90 lbs
Mark's Sapphire: approx 97 lbs

These are all unofficial weights -- the real weights will be done on Wed morning, just before we take off.

We do have a little celebration planned for Wed morning -- Mike and I will join Mark for the weigh-in. Then it is off to Beacon Bill's (close to Mile 0 in Victoria) for a 7:00am breakfast. We'll close off with a wheel-dip in the Pacific, and photos at Mile 0 , under the Terry Fox statue. We're going to be channeling Terry for this ride!!!

As we will be traveling through many diverse natural habitats and historically significant areas, Bill Turner and the good folks from The Land Conservancy will be out to take photos for the upcoming TLC newsletter.

Cathy will come out for breakfast as will Jan and Alan. Lisa and John will stop in too. Alan and Jan will ride with us for a few kms, and John will stay with us out to the ferry.


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