Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dipping the wheels
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We are on the road!! Here we are dipping our wheels in the Pacific (actually the Juan de Fuca ) at Fonyo Beach, just below Mile 0 in Victoria, B.C.

Starting out stats:
Mike's bike weight: 99 lbs
Mark's bike weight: 100 lbs
Mary's bike weight: 94 lbs

We had a fine breakfast at Beacon Bill's with Cathy, Jan, Alan, Joanna, Robert, Lisa, John, Eoin, Claudio, LillAnne, Gemma, Bill, Anne, Jon, Emma, and Jennie. Bill Turner, from the Land Conservancy, came out as well to take pictures of us at Mile 0. Ken Wong picked us up on the way to the Blue Bridge -- THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

We then dipped the wheels at Fonyo Beach, and did photos at Mile 0. Jan, Alan, Jennie, and John rode out with us towards the ferry -- John and Alan went with us all the way.

Over on the mainland we had a fine ride along the boundary bay dike road and through Delta, Surrey, and finally into Fort Langley - a nice flat road with a tailwind all the way, and we got to Fort Langley at 5:00. We've just been chatting with two cross Canada cyclists -- Vikki and Greg -- who are here from Australia for a ride.

We are just about to settle down for the night -- more later!!


Unknown said...

WOW I can't believe you're posting from the first day on the road. I'm glad to hear you all made it safely along the first leg. That bodes well for the rest of the journey. Here are some photos:

Anonymous said...

Message to Mary, Mike and Mark from Gemma,

Bikes don't work well in oceans! And only a very few sit on roofs.

Gemma (the lover of the photos!)