Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 12 (? I think) - Fernie

Day 12 we passed 1000km and did 104 km to Fernie. After a fine breakfast and getting a new back tire for me we left Cranbrook around 10:30am and headed to the mountains. Much of the day was spent cycling along wondering when we would get to Elko (for the next stop? for lunch? where the hell is Elko anyways?) and after Elko we entered the BOSOM OF THE MOUNTAINS and came up the Elk River into the Rockies. We saw three youngish mountain goats at the side of the road in the Elk canyon. Arrived in Fernie in good time having averaged 18km/hr for the day (!) thanks to tailwinds and quite flat roads... we stayed with Ian Hogg and Elaine and companions Mona, Tobius, Nick. Thanks supremely for the awesome feast and breakfast too!
Today - over the Crowsnest, the continental divide, and on to the next province!

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Unknown said...

Hi guys.

Great to keep up with your trip news on a regular basis via the website. Happy pedaling, and good luck through the ROCKIES.

Safe travels,