Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Introducing Mike (Antler) and Mary (the Miyata)

Back at home
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Mike and I do a lot of bike touring -- but the longest we've ever been out for is two months. Crossing Canada will be a much bigger undertaking!

Check out our recent trips:
Biking and Bagging (hiking) in Scotland. Sept, 2007

Two Wheels on the Front. A ride through the Canadian battle lines of the First World War (England, Belgium, northern France).

England by Bike. A 2003 spring time ride through Merry Olde England -- with stops in Scotland and Wales.

Bike BC. Two months of biking and camping through British Columbia.

For the Canada C2C ride we'll take the bikes you see in the photo. Mike's trusty steed is named "Antler", and my workhorse goes by "the Miyata" (cause that's what it is). I've got over 150,000 km on the Miyata. This trip should add another 8,000.

Mike is a much more experienced cycle tourer than I, but Antler is a newer bike and hasn't been around long enough to pile on the kilometres. To date, I would say that Antler has racked up more than 50,000 kms.


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