Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 6: Into Gros Morne National Park

Steady Brook to Lomond River Campground
88 km
5:30 on the bike
15.8 km/ hr average

We had a fine breakfast with a farming couple from Grand Prairie. I wish the morning weather matched breakfast. It was another wet, cool day. Wind was still from the north east (still our direction). But, we loaded the bikes, put on the gortex and headed out. We didn't get too far down the Trans Canada when we were passed by Dave, a fellow X-Canada rider. Dave is from England, and was one of the two British fellows who flew to Victoria, bought their bikes, and all their gear, from Fairfield Bikes in Victoria, and started across Canada. Dave said that the service he got from Fairfield was excellent, so he was only too happy to spend his money there.

We slogged it out in the rain and wind north east on the Trans Canada until we hit Deer Lake. Here we pulled into the Tim Horton's and had a coffee with Dave and Ivan, the cyclist we met yesterday. We dilly-dallayed as much as possible, but finally set out on highway 430 toward Rocky Harbour and Gros Morne National Park.

The weather was starting to improve, and we were beginning to get glimpses of the mountains around Gros Morne. We were also delighted to see Wally, Judy, and Lynne go by in the truck and camper. I wish were staying with them tonight, but they were headed to a campground north of Rocky Harbour, and we were not able to make Rocky Harbour. However, we had a quick meeting on the road and perhaps we will see on another tomorrow in Rocky Harbour or around the area. What a coincidence! -- they are leaving tomorrow on the ferry, so it was our good fortune to see them all again one more time. We didn't ask Wally if he was getting out on the bike!

After we left Wally, Judy, and Lynne we arrived at the Gros Morne park gate and the attendant advised us to head south west down towards Woody Point on the 431 because the last 35 km into Rocky Harbour on the 430 is very hilly. Also, there is a water taxi from Woody Point over to Rocky Harbour and it takes bikes. This will make a nice loop for us. So, we decided to head to Lomond River. At the moment I'm sitting out on the front porch of the office building, enjoying the sunset, and looking forward to a ride through the Tablelands portion of Gros Morne tomorrow, a small boat trip, and, perhaps, a hike up Gros Morne mountain itself. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.

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